Letters, Oct. 12: Canmore development ruling a black eye for Bow Valley

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Canmore was already on the decline with people living on top of each other and the weekends turning the town into a super tourist disaster. With the recent court ruling allowing developers to almost double the size of the town, the Bow Valley is done.

What a tragedy for habitat, wildlife and longtime residents. The only winners here are the destroyers.

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Take photos and memories now before you have to witness the ugly desecration of what was once a beautiful mountain town. What a waste.

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Ian Wishart, Calgary

Pension plan has merit, with conditions

The current UCP government is pushing for an Alberta pension plan.

I could support it, separate from and added to our existing Canada Pension Plan, but only under the following conditions:

The UCP government does not touch Alberta’s Heritage Savings Trust Fund except to add substantially to it annually.

Surplus oil and gas royalties, owned by every Albertan, are used to fund an APP and every Albertan benefits equally from it — subject only to years of residency.

Health care remains the Alberta government’s top priority, followed by education and a balanced budget.

An APP is run independently of the UCP, or any other government — perhaps by the management of the stellar-performing CPP.

Mike Priaro, Calgary

Rising crime can’t be ignored

Re: Liberals seem to get the message on rising crime, finally, Opinion, Oct. 11

Numbers matter, always. Thank you for the numbers-supported column. Without the numbers, it is far too easy to argue/debate/dismiss actuality.

Canada’s crime numbers are increasing and it seems our leadership in Ottawa is now accepting them.

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It is a tragedy for all Canadians, especially those directly affected families, that the situation had to get so bad before the need for change is accepted.

Brian McConaghy, Foothills County 

Give peace a chance

Would it be possible to export diplomacy once in a while to Gaza instead of weapons?

Dennis J. Gordica, Calgary

Two sides to Mideast conflict

The mainstream media’s coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict reveals how ethically challenged they’ve allowed themselves to become.

This includes their reporting on the current violence as well as their non-reporting on the anti-Palestinian social injustices that continue between every military flare-up over decades of Israeli occupation.

Palestinian suffering and deaths need to matter to us as much as that of Israelis. 

Frank Sterle Jr., White Rock, B.C.

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