Letters, March 12: All residents deserve say in city zoning plans

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Re: Councillors aim to take rezoning plan to plebiscite, March 8

A public hearing does not give “yes or no” guidance to council as a plebiscite does. It’s for the few that a public gathering facility can accommodate, and the outcome (the few who are allowed to speak) allows for subjective interpretation by councillors.

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Many single-family neighbourhoods have lot sizes that are too small for augmented development. Public street parking for guests and contractors becomes extremely difficult. Existing homeowners experience their sunny yards being shadowed. The south sidewalks become icy and dangerous. Single-family house values get deflated.

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There’s no way that council should get away with just a public hearing for this significant infringement on our treasured property rights, lifetime investments and quality of life values.

Kurt J. Hansen, Calgary

Misguided strategy for downtown safety

Re: ‘Rife with safety issues’: Closing parts of Plus-15 urged in panel’s report to city, March 6

I am very disappointed that the Downtown Safety Leadership Table has recommended the closure of parts of the Plus-15 system as a response to the “growing disorder in the downtown.”

Why are we even contemplating ceding space to a criminal element and turning parks and other public spaces over to an increasing number of the homeless, drug users and the mentally ill?

We need more properly funded and well-thought-out programs to help the homeless get off the streets, and to help those suffering from addictions and mental illness. We also need a justice system with less of a revolving door for chronic offenders.

Patrick Delaney, Calgary

Personal attacks weaken argument 

Re: Guilbeault hits height of hypocrisy with charge of immoral law-breaking, Opinion, March 7

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Don Braid resorts to personal attacks on federal Environment Minister Stephen Guilbeault to advance his political opinions. Instead of debating the merits of his policies, Braid dredges up 20-year-old stories of his past.

Such attacks are designed to turn people against a politician, but they fail to offer intelligent commentary on government policies.

Braid is spinning a story to tell us that federal environmental policies are ludicrous. It’s clear that he doesn’t know much about the climate or environment.

If he did, he’d realize that federal policies are aligned with the Paris Agreement and other G8 commitments, including in the U.S., whereas Alberta’s policies are not.

It’s the Alberta government and Don Braid who are outliers, not Guilbeault.   

Joey Maslen, Calgary

Lifelong NDPer believes in Nenshi

I am a 50-year New Democrat and it is my hope that Naheed Nenshi becomes our next leader.He may not be a Democratic Socialist like myself but he is a dynamic Canadian. I believe he will strongly oppose the separatist trend of the Smith government.

Canada is one of the finest nations on earth.

Larry Mackillop, Claresholm


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Liberal failures don’t mask Alberta’s

Don Braid is right to point out the Liberal party’s fumbling and inconsistency in its carbon tax.

Correct as Braid’s criticism is, it risks being a distraction from the dangers of the climate emergency, and the lack of any UCP plan to address those dangers.

It has been reported that now, in the middle of winter, 50 wildfires are burning in Alberta. Those “zombie fires” are expected to intensify when the snow melts. The Herald has reported predictions of water shortages as early as this spring.

Criticizing the Liberals is easy. A provincial policy to reduce carbon emissions is difficult.

We should not be distracted from immediate dangers of more smoke and less water. So far, the UCP seems most interested in restricting profitable clean-energy projects that would create new jobs.

Which level of government is doing worse?

Arthur Frank, Calgary

Fantasy all the way around

Great, another long mostly factually incorrect movie wins best picture of the year. The Barbie Movie was better.

Dennis J Gordica, Calgary

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