Letters, Jan. 9: Conservative policies creating a fiscal mess

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As a former longtime Conservative supporter who was proud of the Lougheed and Getty governments for what they accomplished for the good of the people, I am disgusted by what I am seeing today from phoney Conservatives and Reformers. They put this province in a worse financial mess, filling their friends’ pockets with our money and trying to steal our Canada Pension Plan.

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Once again, we see people bashing our municipal governments over the increases in property taxes while ignoring what these Reformers have done to us and the billions of dollars they continue to give away in the form of corporate taxes and royalties, making the rich a lot richer.

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Where is the intelligence in that?

Alan K. Spiller, Edmonton

Less for taxpayers, more for councillors

Re: Council’s new tax grabs ignore pain of inflation and rising anti-tax mood, Opinion, Jan. 5

Don Braid forgot to mention the 2.41 per cent pay hike councillors just handed themselves. They’ll now be paid $120,755.41 a year — unconscionable when you consider the number of consultants they hire, not to mention the people struggling to put food on their tables.

I suggest they donate the extra $2,000 they’ll be getting to a recognized charity or food bank.

Shame on them if they just go ahead and pocket the windfall.

Nancy Marley-Clarke, Calgary

Be wary of Nigerian princes and politicians

The new year has just started, and I am getting scam emails promising me amazing financial rewards, up to $15 billion, if I will just send $100 for paperwork. I doubt them to be honest. They often come from reputable people who unfortunately have trouble spelling common English words and seem to be visiting Nigeria for some reason.

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Come on, it’s time to wake up — if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

But there’s more. It also applies to politicians — and here the claims may seem even more excessive. I wouldn’t vote for someone who promises me the world on the first day he will be in the job. I just want an honest person doing their best.

Can we make honesty the theme for 2024? I will check my emails and wait to see.

Dennis Fitzgerald, Melbourne, Australia.

Stopping speeders saves lives

Vehicular deaths were up in Calgary last year. Surely, speeding must be a factor in some of these deaths, and if people would drive the speed limit, fewer people would die.

Sending photo radar tickets to drivers who exceed 10 kilometres over the posted limits would presumably make our roads safer. But, wait, didn’t the province just remove a lot of photo radar cameras because they were seen as being “cash cows?” Doesn’t this just give speeders free rein to go even faster? 

This is another example of the UCP ignoring evidence-based information used to protect Albertans from harm. Using the term “cash cow” is based on a subjective opinion and should not be used to advance government policies.  

Gene Tillman, Calgary

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