Letters, Dec. 26: Have your say on city's proposed land-use changes

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City council has scheduled a public hearing for April 22, 2024, to decide whether to adopt the biggest change ever in Calgary zoning — a base R-CG residential district citywide. The R-CG land-use zoning would allow town homes, single-detached or semi-detached buildings throughout almost all Calgary neighbourhoods.

The city plans to mail information about this blanket rezoning proposal to all those who will be affected if this bylaw is approved, that being most of the homes and communities in Calgary. If this zoning change is approved, your neighbour could build a town home next door to you without you having any say, as long as they comply with the bylaw standards.

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If you don’t mind, there is nothing for you to do. Otherwise, please mark April 22, 2024, on your calendar and plan to let your voice be heard by either attending the public hearing and speaking, or writing a letter to the mayor and your councillor.

Flora Gillespie (University Heights), Guy Buchanan (Kelvin Grove), Phillip Dack (West Hillhurst)

Canada can do more for Ukraine

Is Canada still willing to fight for democracy? In 1943, Canada spent 37 per cent of its GDP to support Britain against Hitler.

Today, Ukraine is a democracy fighting a dictator that wants to destroy its people and take back all of eastern Europe. The war in Ukraine will decide if we allow powerful countries to conquer their weaker neighbours.

Does Canada care? We are giving only 0.3 per cent of our GDP. Twenty-seven countries are giving more than Canada. Lithuania is giving 1.8 per cent of its GDP, Norway 1.6 per cent, Denmark 1.6 per cent, Poland 1.2 per cent, and Sweden 1.0 per cent. Norwegians are giving five times as much. Canadians are more concerned about minor inflation, scandals and hockey.

How much would you give to avoid living under Russia and Putin?

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About 70,000 Ukrainian soldiers have given everything; their lives. Will we continue our half-hearted support until Putin attacks the U.K.?

Ken Zinyk, Edmonton

Quebec hypocrisy could affect Alberta jobs

A recent Bloc Québecois amendment to Bill C-33, the Strengthening the Port System and Railway Safety in Canada Act, threatens another blow against Western Canada and our energy sector. It would accelerate phasing out of thermal coal mining, including a ban on loading thermal coal onto ships. Hundreds of jobs are at risk just in Hinton’s nearby coal plant, plus railway workers and dock workers in Vancouver.

By shoving forward the federal government’s planned 2030 thermal coal phaseout, it will leave too little time for local communities and governments to prepare for job losses.

The Bloc seems hypocritical as Quebec is a massive equalization recipient and Alberta is a massive contributor. Also, a few years ago environmental reviews were bypassed, and the provincial government handed out hundreds of millions of dollars to build the Port-Daniels-Gascons cement plant, Quebec’s largest greenhouse gas emitter.

Clearly, the federal government and Bloc think the environment in Quebec isn’t worth sacrificing jobs for. But out West, no price is too high for us to pay to burnish their green credentials.

Stuart Taylor, member of Hinton Town Council

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